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Fascia & Myofascial Release

Fascia is a network of connective tissue linking everything that exists between head and toe.  It surrounds muscle fibers, muscle groups, blood vessels, nerves, organs, and bones.  When unrestricted, it resembles a web, allowing

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Neck Pain

Hey guys!

I hope you are all doing well, and have had an amazing summer!

     With all the rain happening off and on, everyone’s allergies have been miserable, including mine.  I’d had a horrible headache for almost a week, with

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10. The Deep Front Line

The Deep Front Line is the body's myofascial core, as it defines the deep three-dimensional space deep within the body.  It's main postural function is providing support and lift in the inner arch of the foot, stabilizing both segments of each leg, as well as the hips, supporting the lumbar spine from the front, giving shape to the abdominopelvic balloon, stabilizing the chest while allowing the expansion and relaxation of breathing, and balancing the

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8. The Superficial Back Arm Line

     The Superficial Back Arm Line is the fascial connection from spine to fingers.  It controls arm movements behind our lateral midline (ex. A backhand tennis shot) but, for the most part, limits and contains the work of the

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5. The Deep Front Arm Line

The Arm Lines are, posturally speaking, a bit different from the other myofascial meridians.  The Deep Front Arm Line is a stabilizing line; in poses like the yoga plank, it manages side to side movement of the upper body.  In the open movement of the arm, the DFAL controls the

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4. The Spiral Line

The Spiral Line wraps around the body in two helices, right and left, connecting each side of the skull across the upper back top the opposite shoulder, then around to the front of the ribs to cross again at the navel, attaching at the hips.  From there, the SPL passes along the anterolateral (anterior lateral) thigh and across the

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3. The Lateral Line

Ok! As promised, I'm going over the Lateral Line today.  This particular myofascial meridian assists in (you guessed it!) lateral flexion of the torso, as well as abduction at the hips and eversion of the foot.  It also functions posturally to balance the front and back, and bilaterally to

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