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7. The Deep Back Arm Line

The Deep Back Arm Line is similar to the Lateral Line in the leg.  It works with the Deep Front Arm Line to adjust the angle of the elbow, as well as limit or allow side-to-side movement of the upper body when in a crawl position, and provide stability from the lateral edge of the hand to the

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6. The Superficial Front Arm Line

he Superficial Front Arm Line controls the positioning of the arm in its lateral and anterior movements.  The larger muscles of the SFAL (the pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi) aid in the force for addiction and extension, movements used in activities like swimming or tennis.  Through the fingers and wrists, the SFAL assists the

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1. The Superficial Back Line


     I personally struggle with this guy.  Tight calves (gastrocnemius), knotted-up hamstrings, shortened erectors in the lumbar area, which means - you guessed it - all the connective tissue (fascia) that encase those muscles and helps keep them tacked down the my bones is nice and tied up, too.  I can definitely thank the Superficial Back Line for my

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