9. The Functional Lines

     Ok, I was originally going to break the Functional Lines into three sections over three weeks, but because of their movements and postural support being so intertwined, I've decided to just cover all three this week.

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The Functional Lines are meridians generally employed during athletic movements.  They are the least used lines when it comes to standing posture and actually don't have much of an opportunity to shorten or tighten during normal daily activities.  The only postural deviations associated with these lines are a drawing down of one shoulder to the opposite hip in anterior or posterior rotation.

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The Back Functional Line


Latissimus dorsi

Gluteus maximus

Vastus lateralis

Connective tissues:

Lumbodorsal fascia

Sacral fascia

Subpatellar tendon

Bony landmarks:

Shaft of the humerus


Shaft of the femur


Tuberosity of the tibia

 The Front Functional Line


Lower edge of pectoralis major

Adductor longus

Connective tissues:

Lateral sheath of rectum abdominus

Bony landmarks:

Shaft of the humerus

5th, 6th rib cartilage

Pubic tubercle and symphysis

Linea aspera of femur

The Ipsilateral Functional Line


Outer edge of the latissimus dorsi

External oblique


Connective tissues:

N/A for this line

Bony landmarks:

Shaft of the humerus

End of ribs 10-12

Anterior Superior Iliac Spine

Pes anserinus, medial tibia condyle

Because these lines have little influence on standing posture, there aren't many stretches to suggest, but if you were a tennis player and do have one shoulder drawing closer to the opposite shoulder in rotation, I'd recommend just trying to balance the body out with the opposite rotation ( i.e. if your rotated down and to the right, try to spend some extra time resting in left rotation).

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So next week will be the last of the Myofascial Meridian series, ending with the Deep Front Line.

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