8. The Superficial Back Arm Line

     The Superficial Back Arm Line is the fascial connection from spine to fingers.  It controls arm movements behind our lateral midline (ex. A backhand tennis shot) but, for the most part, limits and contains the work of the Superficial FRONT Arm Line.  The SBAL also maintains control during abduction (lifting away from the body's midline) of the shoulder and arm; this can cause the line to get overworked when the rib cage or spine moves out of alignment with the shoulder girdle.

- - - - -

Muscles of the SBAL:



Extensor group


     Extensor carpi radialus longus/brevis

     Extensor digitorum

     Extensor digiti minimi

     Extensor carpi ulnaris


Connective tissues of the SBAL:

Lateral intermuscular septum

Bony landmarks of the SBAL:

Occipital ridge

Nuchal ligament

Thoracic spinous processes

Spine of scapula


Lateral third of clavicle

Deltoid tubercle of humerus

Lateral epicondyle of humerus

Dorsal surface of fingers

Stretches for the SBAL:

Upper Trapezius Stretch

Anterior Deltoid Stretch

Medial/Posterior Deltoid Stretch

Arm Extension Stretch

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Next week, I'll start The Functional Lines with The Back Functional Line.

Stretch, hydrate, breathe deeply, and as always -

Be good to yourselves. <3