7. The Deep Back Arm Line

     The Deep Back Arm Line is similar to the Lateral Line in the leg.  It works with the Deep Front Arm Line to adjust the angle of the elbow, as well as limit or allow side-to-side movement of the upper body when in a crawl position, and provide stability from the lateral edge of the hand to the posterior shoulder.

Muscles of the DBAL:


Rotator cuff muscles:



     Teres minor


Triceps brachii

Hypnothenar muscles:

     Abductor digiti minimi

     Flexor digiti minimi brevis

     Opponens digiti minimi

Connective tissues of the DBAL:

Fascia along ulnar periosteum

Ulnar collateral ligaments

Bony landmarks of the DBAL:

Spinous process of lower cervical and thoracic vertebrae

C1-4 Transverse processes

Medial border of the scapula

Head of the humerus

Olecranon of the ulna

Triquetrum, hamate

Outside of the little finger

Stretches for the DBAL:

Tricep stretch

Ulnar nerve stretch

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