6. The Superficial Front Arm Line

     The Superficial Front Arm Line controls the positioning of the arm in its lateral and anterior movements.  The larger muscles of the SFAL (the pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi) aid in the force for addiction and extension, movements used in activities like swimming or tennis.  Through the fingers and wrists, the SFAL assists the DFAL in grip.

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Muscles of the SFAL:

Pectorals major

Latissimus dorsi (not completely pictured below)

Flexor group

Connective tissue of the SFAL:

Medial intermuscular septum

Carpal tunnel

Bony landmarks of the SFAL:

Medial third of clavicle

Coastal cartilage

Lower ribs

Thoracolumbar fascia

Iliac crest

Medial humeral line

Medial humeral epicondyle

Palmar surface of the fingers

Common postural deviations associated with the SFAL:

Carpal tunnel impingement

Protracted or rounded shoulders

Finger/hand pain

Stretches for the SFAL:

This is a really good representation of how to properly do Downward Facing Dog.

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