5. The Deep Front Arm Line

The Deep Front Arm Line

The Arm Lines are, posturally speaking, a bit different from the other myofascial meridians.  The Deep Front Arm Line is a stabilizing line; in poses like the yoga plank, it manages side to side movement of the upper body.  In the open movement of the arm, the DFAL controls the angle of the hand, generally through the thumb, as well as the thumb's grip.

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Muscles of the DFAL:

Pectoralis minor

Biceps brachii

Thenar muscles

Connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, fascial sheets, etc.) of the DFAL:

Clavipectoral fascia

Radial periosteum - anterior border

Radial collateral ligmanets

Bony Landmarks of the DFAL:

3rd, 4th, 5th ribs

Coracoid process

Radial tuberosity

Styloid process of radius

Scaphoid, trapezium

Outside of thumb

Common postural deviations within/caused from restriction of the DFAL:

Restriction in the upper rib movement with inhalation

Trouble flexing the arm and lifting from the shoulder to reach upwards

Anterior tilt of the scapula on the ribs - rounded shoulders

Stretches for the DFAL:

Hands clasped behind your back, shoulders down

Doorway stretches for both pectorals major and minor

Next week, I'll be covering the Superficial Front Arm Line!

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Take care of yourselves and stretch those arms! :)