Neck Pain

Hey guys!

I hope you are all doing well, and have had an amazing summer!

     With all the rain happening off and on, everyone’s allergies have been miserable, including mine.  I’d had a horrible headache for almost a week, with NetiPot, Epsom salt baths, and my usual allergy arsenal barely touching it.

     So! I poured over all my reference books for a good while before I turned to YouTube to look for cervical spine stretches (I know I talked about TMJ and Forward Head Posture in one of my previous posts, but I couldn’t even get comfortable enough to do those stretches!)  I finally found this video by Dr. Paula Moore: Dr Paula Moore posture doctor shows you how to reverse the ageing affects of forward head posture.


     It has worked WONDERS for not only my neck pain, but even pain I was unaware of in my mid back and arms!  After three days of doing her exercise/stretch every time I thought about it or found myself leaning my chin on my hand at the computer, I was loose enough to do these 

amazing neck stretches.

Do them.  Every time you find yourself craning your neck forward or propping it way too high when watching tv; straighten up, stretch the crown of your head as if you are trying to touch the ceiling, and do.these.stretches.

They will change your cervical spine’s life. :)

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